This is a project that utilizes the CERN-developed CernVM virtual machine and the BOINC virtualization layer to harness volunteer cloud computing power for full-fledged LHC event physics simulation on volunteer computers.

The theory simulations that have been running as Test4Theory since 2011, were the first of a series of physics applications running on the LHC@home platform. Soon the theory simulations will be followed by more simulations from the LHC experiment collaborations. These applications exploit virtual machine technology, enabling volunteers to contribute to the huge computational task of searching for new fundamental particles and physics at CERN's LHC.

This is just the pure BOINC server application. Please visit the vLHC Background information for more documentation, data and instructions. If you have any problem, question or doubt please visit the Message Board, Questions and Answers and FAQ sections of the project.

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Vboxwrapper upgrade to latest version v261.55 (Windows only)
We have just upgraded to vboxwrapper v261.55 for BOINC T4T clients running Windows.

Please let us know if any problems occur, preferably by posting to this News thread.

We will upgrade vboxwrapper for Linux and MacOSX clients later.

When all this is running well, it will allow us finally to lift the restriction to VirtualBox version 4.3.12 that we have had to live with since last summer, particularly for Windows clients. We will make a separate announcement when this is decided.

The T4T team
5 Mar 2015, 8:37:28 UTC · Comment

Short interruption for server change
The project will be rehosted on a different server on Wednesday afternoon 25/2 3pm CET. This intervention will lead to a short downtime of the project, BOINC clients should reconnect automatically once up again. 25 Feb 2015, 8:36:52 UTC · Comment

CERN Computing Challenge successfully completed
The CERN 60th anniversary 12 day "Public Computing Challenge" has just successfully finished. Please see https://test4theory.cern.ch/challenge/ for all the details, and many thanks to all of you who contributed.

As you know, completed Challenge jobs help to fill a database to support a new interactive "game" project we are developing, whose users will be able to tune the Monte Carlo QCD models at the heart of Test4Theory.
Even though the official 12-day Challenge is now over, you can still continue to contribute to this database by running WebAPI jobs logged in with Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts, or even anonymously.

Note that if you are logged in to WebAPI with your BOINC-T4T account, you will run jobs from the BOINC vLHCathome job stream, and receive MCPlots statistics for them.

We send holiday and New Year greetings to all our T4T volunteers and look forward to sharing some exciting developments with you next year.

The T4T and Challenge teams
20 Dec 2014, 10:14:13 UTC · Comment

Invitation to join CERN Public Computing Challenge
As part of the CERN 60th anniversary celebrations and the 10th anniversary of LHC@home, we just began a 12 day "Public Computing Challenge". See https://test4theory.cern.ch/challenge/.

We invite you and your friends to support the Challenge. Go to "JOIN NOW" and "START COMPUTING" on the Challenge website and follow the steps. You keep track of your jobs by logging in to an account on Facebook, Twitter, or Google. The Challenge runs a stream of T4T-style simulation jobs via the new WebAPI system (which some T4T volunteers have been successfully alpha and beta testing for us). The Challenge results fill a database to support an exciting new project we are developing: an interactive version of Test4Theory whose users will help to tune the Monte Carlo QCD models at the heart of the system.

Note that if you login with your BOINC-T4T account, you will run jobs from the BOINC vLHCathome job stream, and receive MCPlots statistics, but do not participate in the Challenge.

Thanks to everyone for supporting T4T and looking forward to your help and interest for our future developments.

The T4T and Challenge teams
9 Dec 2014, 18:13:26 UTC · Comment

T4T_WebAPI pre-Challenge test jobs
To all T4T_WebAPI testers:
Over this weekend, we will be injecting some short test jobs before the Challenge starts next week.

If you run logged-out (i.e. without a BOINC ID), you will get these short jobs when they are ready, either very short dummy ones (1 minute) or real simulations with 10,000 events instead of 100,000. They will not give you any MCPlots credit of course, but we would like as many testers as possible to try it out. Log back in to BOINC to resume MCPlots work.
5 Dec 2014, 18:29:25 UTC · Comment

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