This is a project that utilizes the CERN-developed CernVM virtual machine and the BOINC virtualization layer to harness volunteer cloud computing power for full-fledged LHC event physics simulation on volunteer computers.

The theory simulations that have been running as Test4Theory since 2011, were the first of a series of physics applications running on the LHC@home platform. Soon the theory simulations will be followed by more simulations from the LHC experiment collaborations. These applications exploit virtual machine technology, enabling volunteers to contribute to the huge computational task of searching for new fundamental particles and physics at CERN's LHC.

Please visit the LHC@home web site for more documentation, data and instructions. If you have any problem, question or doubt please visit the Message Board, Questions and Answers and FAQ sections of the project.

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Congratulations and thanks to all our volunteers for helping CERN to reach the extremely impressive total of 2 Trillion events successfully simulated on our project.

When we passed our 1st trillion events in 2013, CERN published the following story on its Web site, and it still makes excellent reading:


Greetings to all from the T4T Team
28 Jun 2015, 4:57:09 UTC · Comment

New beta app (DataBridge): Tests over, please stop!
Thanks to all who tested the new DataBridge system. Tests are now completed and we have no more MCPlots jobs in the DataBridge queue, so remaining beta app tasks will run idle VM's which is wasteful.


Ben and team
19 Jun 2015, 9:37:53 UTC · Comment

New beta app: Theory simulations using DataBridge
A new version of the Theory simulations application is now available for users that allow test applications. The simulations running in the VM are similar to those in the regular Theory application, however the queue and job management to the VM is handled via the "Data Bridge" application layer that is a new and more flexible framework that is intended to replace the CoPilot application layer that has been used up to now.

Happy crunching!
7 May 2015, 12:44:58 UTC · Comment

CoPilot server upgrade
We are about to upgrade our CoPilot servers, which interface all volunteer VM's with our MCPlots server - the source of the jobs and the science behind this project. We hope you will not notice this - it may cause a few lost jobs but should not affect any BOINC tasks. A news update will follow after the upgrade.

*** 1st update: the upgrade is now under way. As VM's are rebooted (e.g. when a BOINC task ends), they will be switched to the new CoPilot servers. Old VM's will be used to empty the old servers' job input queue and their results will be stored on the old servers until the upgrade is completed, at which point MCPlots will be resynchronised. This will take about one day to complete. Volunteers do not have to take any action.

*** 2nd update: the upgrade is now terminating successfully. The new CoPilot servers have fully replaced the old ones. The job queues should stabilise over the next few hours.

Ben and team
27 Apr 2015, 13:27:04 UTC · Comment

Vboxwrapper upgrade to latest version v261.66 (all systems)
We have just upgraded to vboxwrapper v261.66 for all BOINC T4T clients (Windows, Linux and Mac).

Please let us know if any problems occur, preferably by posting to this News thread.

Note that starting with this release snapshots will no longer be used: VM's will be Saved rather than PoweredOff when BOINC suspends or restarts, which avoids losing or repeating some jobs or events.

The T4T team
15 Apr 2015, 12:57:04 UTC · Comment

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