This is a project that utilizes the CERN-developed CernVM virtual machine and the BOINC virtualization layer to harness volunteer cloud computing power for full-fledged LHC event physics simulation on volunteer computers.

The theory simulations that have been running as Test4Theory since 2011, were the first of a series of physics applications running on the LHC@home platform. Soon the theory simulations will be followed by more simulations from the LHC experiment collaborations. These applications exploit virtual machine technology, enabling volunteers to contribute to the huge computational task of searching for new fundamental particles and physics at CERN's LHC.

Please visit the LHC@home web site for more documentation, data and instructions. If you have any problem, question or doubt please visit the Message Board, Questions and Answers and FAQ sections of the project.

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CMS simulation beta tasks
As part of the preparations to run more physics simulations on the Virtual LHC@home platform, we have submitted a few work units with the CMS beta application on this project.

If you wish to try one of these, you need to configure your BOINC project preferences to accept beta test applications. Furthermore, you need to ensure that your computer can run 64 bits VMs. (VTX must be enabled.)

If you prefer to stay with Theory simulations only, you can indicate this in your BOINC project preferences for this project.
5 Oct 2015, 14:01:42 UTC · Comment

Server down tomorrow morning
LHC@home servers will be down for about 1 hour tomorrow morning from 6am UTC, due to an intervention on the database server. 8 Sep 2015, 9:10:14 UTC · Comment

Server maintenance 12 UTC
The BOINC server will be down for maintenance for about 1/2 hour from 12:00 UTC today.

Like usual, BOINC clients will back off and upload results later once the server is available again.

Many thanks for your contributions to LHC@home!
24 Aug 2015, 6:42:05 UTC · Comment

Citizen Cyberlab Survey (with prizes!)
Colleagues from the Citizen Cyberlab project http://citizencyberlab.eu are studying how citizen science projects can be designed to help you learn more about the scientific topics concerned, and making participation more interesting and useful for you.

They propose a 15 minute survey at https://tecfalabs.unige.ch/survey/index.php/372819/lang-en (or at https://tecfalabs.unige.ch/survey/index.php/372819/lang-fr in French).

First prize is either a 500€ gift voucher for amazon.com or free participation and travel subsidies for the Citizen Cyberlab Summit this coming autumn: http://www.citizencyberscience.net/2015/05/announcing-the-citizen-cyberlab-summit-geneva-17-18-september-2015/. 20 other participants will receive a 32 GB USB-3 key.

Closing date is September 1st, so hurry up and take the survey now!
13 Aug 2015, 7:31:37 UTC · Comment

Vboxwrapper upgraded
vboxwrapper 26169 has been deployed for all architectures.

(We have not yet deprecated the older app versions, will do so when the new one is confirmed to be ok).

This version should support VirtualBox 5.x

Ben, Nils and team
11 Aug 2015, 9:14:30 UTC · Comment

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